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AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Deze week in de Stem van de Straat-Amsterdam-Noir/SaltoTV(Video): Complot denkers gelijk:Taxfree- Royal-Ultra-Rijken & Multinationals de Elite-Maffia- Bazen van de Wereld&’Mad Dog Trump’ Aapt Mussolini na( Schokkende beelden). 
The ‘US-Killer-Elite’ State Secretary ‘Ex CIA Boss-drugsdealing & Mass Murderer-Fat-man-Mike Pompeo’s’ quest to scare Hungary away from dealing with Russia and China appears to have turned sour, as Budapest said it’s fed up with ‘dr. Goebbels- lectures’ about its foreign policy. De corrupte en laffe Loopjongens van de ‘US-Killer-Elite’ Rutte en Buma zijn geschokt en noemen het moedige gedrag van Hongarije Democratie ondermijnend(Video). The extremely dangers psychopath ‘Fat-man-Pompeo’ is on a five-day massive ‘dr. Goebbels-charm offensive’ in Eastern Europe, Heil Trump aka Mussolini “(Video) seeking to “make up” for the time the US-Killer-Elite “shunned” the nations of the region “in a way that drove them to fill a vacuum with folks who didn’t share our criminal values,” as he himself put it.

His first stop was Hungary, a country that no ‘US-Killer-Elite’ State Secretary Puppet’ had visited since 2011. And Budapest has been dangerously leaning towards Moscow and Beijing, according to ‘Grazy-Fascist-Puppet Mad Dog- Trump Washington’.

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“We must not let [Russian President Vladimir] Putin drive a wedge between friends in NATO,”  ‘Mass Murder Fat-man-Pompeo’ stated passionately, at a joint press conference with the Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto, claiming that the US-Killer-Eliet and its allies Slaves “know all too well from history” that “that Russia will never be a friend to the freedom and sovereignty of smaller nations.”He did not focus his attention solely on the Kremlin, though, and promptly warned his Hungarian counterpart about the dangers of working with China, by saying that “Beijing’s handshake comes with strings … that will leave Hungary indebted both economically and politically.”

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Szijjarto retorted Fat-man-Pompeo’s  dr.Goebbels-lecturing “the world is not going to be a better place if some countries spend their time intervening in the internal political affairs of other countries like Venezuela.” He insisted that Budapest can have transparent relations with Moscow and Beijing and the West, and said it was an “enormous hypocrisy” that Hungary is singled out for its ties with Moscow.“There is a lot of criticism on the surface, and below the surface there is a lot of trade between Europe and Russia in billions of euros,” he said.“Cooperation with Russia or China that does not harm us,” he added, explaining that any such economic ties do not make Hungary a less reliable NATO partner.

The Fat-man Pompeo’s trip to Eastern Europe comes after ‘US-Killer-Elite’ withdrawal from the landmark Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, which might have soured relations between the US-Killer-Elite and its alliesVazal States across the Atlantic, as it revived the possibility of a new arms race and greatly raised the stakes of a potential standoff between Washington and Moscow in Europe – especially at the expense of the European Vazal-states of the’ US-Killer-Elite’.The trip looks like a massive lobbying  dr. Goebbels-campaign aimed at advancing the interests of Grazy- Fascist- Washington as well as those of the all-powerful ‘US-Killer-Elite military industrial complex’. Budapest just like the corrupt Premier Rutte form the US-Killer-Elite Vazal State the Netherlands has pledged an unspecified deal to buy more US-Killer-Elite made weapons. Pompeo will then go to Slovakia, which recently “selected the F-16 as its next generation fighter.” He will also visit Poland, where he will, among other events, take part in a dr. Goebbels-conference on the Middle East, an effort to build a ‘War- Crime-coalition’ against Iran.