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AMSTERDAM-NOIR-The Dictatorship Time’s of Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler are back wit Trump,Salman and Bolsonaro(Video.)
While progressives, women’s rights advocates, journalists, and the LGBTQ community were among the many mourning Brazilian President DictatorJair Bolsonaro’s inauguration on Tuesday, US-Killer-Elite Secretary of State Ex CIA Bos “Deep State” -Fat-man Mike Pompeo angered critics with a celebratory tweet congratulating the proud misogynist who has defended Brazil’s former military dictatorship and vowed to crush the country’s leftist opposition during his first speech as president. The ex CIA Mass-Murder& Drugsdealer-Boss-“Deep State-Fat-man-Pompeo tweeted that he was “looking forward to witnessing the peaceful transfer of power in one of Latin America’s strongest democracies,” as international observers warned that Bolsonaro’s presidency is likely to usher in a new era of fascism.

Psychopath-Bolton’ Praises Openly Fascist Bolsonaro as ‘Like-Minded’ Ally(video).

“You are courting a fascist,” former White House ethics chief Walter Shaub told Pompeo on Twitter.“This is the least American thing a secretary of state can do. Your trip is a disgrace.”

Others on social media criticized Pompeo’s take on the event as well:

At the Huffington Post, reporter Travis Waldron wrote that Bolsonaro’s presidency may well “show the world how a modern democracy collapses”:
It is possible  psychopath Bolsonaro will govern as a true ‘Hitler-autocrat’―that he could take advantage of any small crisis to consolidate power and sweep aside democracy in a single act. He could close Congress; he could criminalize the Workers’ Party and other leftist opposition parties and movements; he could criminalize dissent, protest, and the free press.More likely is that he will govern in a manner similar to  ‘Mad Dog-Child-Killer- Trump’, targeting the press, political opponent, and democratic institutions with a constant barrage of criticism that further erodes their credibility among his supporters and the public writ large, and has a chilling effect on legitimate opposition.