( van onze niet gesubsidieerde (Video) dr. Goebbels  redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR– Maak Kennis met de Russen bij Amsterdam-Noir/SaltoTV(Video) als wat ‘Tegen-Gif”(Video) van de hysterische Westerse corporate crime Haat zaai-MSN en hun Dutch Outlet de Staats-NOS en niet te vergeten de aards leugenaar  D66 ‘DDR66 Leider Pechthold‘ en ex VVD Premier  Oorlog’s Hitser en Rusland Hater Zijlstrategen de Russen. Love this song, so to procrastinate today, I translated the description for anyone dropping by who doesn’t speak Russian. Black Raven—song of the Don Cossacks Black Raven, my flying friend, where did you fly so far?  You brought us, Black Raven, a white hand with a ring.  I came out, came out on the porch and shook a little. By the ring I recognized my love, whose hand the Raven held.  That hand, my dear’s hand, means he has died at war.  He’s dead and lying unburied in a far-foreign land.  A merciful man came here with shovel and buried two-hundred-forty people in one grave.  And placed there an oak cross, and wrote on it: here lie heroes from the Don, glory to the Don Cossacks! Performed by the ensemble “Kazachy Krug” (Cossack Circle)