( by Nick Bernabe en ondersteunt door onze redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR-This Might Be the End for Anti-Media and Volksnieuws uit Amsterdam-Noir.
We’ve got some bad news: ‘dr. Goebbel- Fake -Kajsa-“Stasi”-Ollongren Facebook’ is trying to algorithmically kill Anti-Media and Volksnieuws uit Amsterdam-Noir. Following the social media giant’s failed effort to crack down on “fake news,” Zuckerberg has decided he’s simply going to remove posts from news pages from the newsfeed, and independent media outlets like us are being hit the hardest. We’ve already seen our post reach drop to less than one percent of our two million-strong Facebook following. In short: Corporate censorship of independent media is now in full effect. And unfortunately, website traffic from Facebook is how Anti-Media generates most of our revenue to pay our amazing team of brilliant writers, editors, fact-checkers, web developers, researchers, and graphic designers.But don’t write our obituary just yet. We’re continuing to take the fight to the ‘Maffia-oligarchy’ to advance the ideas of freedom, liberty, and peace — and we have a plan. However, at this point, there’s simply no way we can continue our current operations without your direct support and engagement. As we cope with this very hard landing away from Facebook, we’ll need to generate the resources to keep going or face severe cutbacks on our ability to keep producing hard-hitting, anti-establishment content.

Sleepnet van ‘Big Brother Rutte is watching you’.Politiek is een grote onderdrukking(Video)!

We’ve devised a plan to keep Anti-Media going strong for years to come, and with your help, we’ll be able to keep up the good fight against the oligarchy.

  1. 1.Patreon: The best way you can help us is to become an Anti-Media patron by signing up to support us on Patreon.com. With a small monthly pledge of $1 or more, you will help ensure that our operation can keep growing into the future. You’ll also get some cool perks and get to know our team on a more personal level! Become a patron: patreon.com/theantimedia
  2. 2.Steemit: We are taking our social media operations to the Steemit platform. We’re currently in talks to move our content onto Steemit so we can reach more people and participate in the decentralized economy. Follow us on Steemit @antimedia: steemit.com/@antimedia (our first post is coming soon.)
  3. 3.Donate: If you can’t support us on Patreon, the next best thing you can do to keep us going is to donate to us. We know times are tough for everybody, but if we don’t expose the corruption of the oligarchy, who will? Keep us going with a donation via PayPal or even with cryptocurrencies: theantimedia.org/donate/
  4. Newsletter: Sign up for our newsletter so we don’t have to depend on social media platforms and their pro-establishment algorithms to reach you. Sign up here: Anti-Media newsletter
  5. Visit us daily: Come directly to our website, allow us to send you notifications, and create an account on TheAntiMedia.org so you can upvote/downvote articles, and submit news stories to our “My News” section.
  6. Share us on social media: Donate shares to Anti-Media. This is the easiest way you can help keep us going. Facebook and other social media sites are removing our posts from your feeds, but your posts will still show up to your friends and family. When you share our content into your feeds, you help us keep traffic coming to our website.

These are scary — and exciting — times for Anti-Media and Volksnieuws uit Amsterdam-Noir , you, and the world, and we are dedicated to remaining a shining light in this ever-changing sea of corruption, disinformation, propaganda, and solutions. With your help, we can keep this amazing experiment to revolutionize the media going!