(By Paul Keizer en ondersteunt door onze redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- From memory Lane:Western Media Outlet :” Wir haben es nicht gewußt “.A revealing silence from the “free” but extremely corrupt Western press then and now. They only quote time and time again the ‘Bilderberg- Puppet’ Dutch corrupt the all way’s lying D66 Minister Ollongren(Video) to bee afraid of the Russians and never speak about the fact that 15 million children die every year form hunger.‘Capo di tutti capi Poetin’ and ing Steve Brown the ‘Party-Boss from’ Voice of the Street party Amsterdam in Holland are totally boycoted by the corrupt Western en Dutch dr.Goebbels Media.We’ve been very patient.

AIVD-Boss ‘Big Brother Bertholee’ mijn ‘AIVD voorkwam zeker drie aanslagen’ a 400 miljoen per stuk bralt hij in College Tour(Video).

Out”: ‘Mad Dog Trump’ Expels CNN’s Acosta From ‘Crazy-Oval Office’ Over Shiteholegate Questions(Video).
For the last 12 hours we’ve been constantly refreshing Google News for just one — one — western article about Putin’s bombshell comments at the ‘G20-Super-Elite-Gangsters’ summit in Antalya. You would think that the Russian President stating publicly that ISIS is receiving money from 40 different countries, including ‘G20-Elite-Maffia- members’, would be “newsworthy”. Right?  But the corrupted Western media from Corporate Crime and his Little Dutch Outlet the State Finance NOS has defied even our worst expectations: Not a single corrupt mainstream western outlet reported on Putin’s comments. Typically, at least the Daily Beast has the common courtesy to distort or misrepresent the most recent Putin press conference. But in this instance, there is literally no written western record of Putin saying anything about who finances ISIS during the G20- Elite-Crime summit in Turkey. This is insane.