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AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Het is niet Poetin die de Verkiezingen in het Westen  beïnvloed, maar de corrupte, reactionaire ‘KKK- Fake-News zenders’. Free press & media hardly(Video) exist at all in the USA and the World.
Everyone knows the news outlet serves as a virtual dr .Goebbles propaganda tool, but new research shows just how effective they are at it. Fox News Channel has been recognized since its inception in 1996, when it was established by The Elite-Gangster Republican operative Roger Ailes, as a right-leaning news source. But a new study published in the American Economic Review shows just how influential the channel is just like the corrupt Ducht State NOS when it comes to changing viewers’ minds, causing them to shift to the right on political issues—and even influencing election outcomes in ways that the outlet’s more liberal counterparts don’t.

Laatste restje democratie Raadgevend Referendum wordt verboden door ‘Rutte-3’ met hulp van de NOS(Video).
Researchers at Emory and Stanford universities found that watching only three minutes of Fox News  or State Outlet NOS coverage per week would make Democratic and centrist voters one percent more likely to vote Republican or VVD-(crimegroup(Video)) in the 2008 election.According to the study, this means that if Fox News hadn’t existed in 2004, the War Mongul George W. Bush would have captured nearly four fewer percentage points, making the ‘Elite- Gangsters John Kerry’ the popular vote winner. In 2008, War Crimenal ‘TTIP-Barack Obama’ would have won in a landslide if it weren’t for Fox, capturing 60 percent of the vote, with ‘Psycho John McCain’ winning 6.34 percent fewer votes.Notably, the research shows that Fox appears driven by its ability to shift its viewership to the right even more than it’s guided by its bottom line. According to Vox, the study finds “that Fox isn’t setting its ‘Neonazi& KKK-ideology’ where it ought to, to maximize its viewership. It’s much more conservative than is optimal from that perspective. But it’s pretty close to the slant that would maximize its persuasive power—that would result in the largest rightward movement among viewers.  ‘Fake News CNN’, by contrast, matched its political stances pretty closely to the viewer-maximizing point, showing less interest in operating as a political agent.”

Corrupte Overheden zijn de grootste producenten van Nepnieuws(Video); de Jong met Cees Hamelink.

CNN-Con-(wo)man-Becky Anderson’ & BBC & NOS London ‘Fake-Terror-Islam-Love’ News(Video).

Corporate Crime-Media’ Blackout(Video): Syrian Government has ISIS almost completely defeated.
CNN and MSNBC are also not as effective at shaping viewers’ opinions. “ dr. Goebbels Fox is substantially better at influencing Democrats than MSNBC is at influencing Republicans,” said the authors of the study. While Fox was able to convince 58 percent of Democratic viewers to vote for Bush in 2000, and persuaded sizable minorities of Democrats to vote Republican in the following two elections, MSNBC did not have the same effect on conservative viewers in the same elections.‘Fox-KKK-News Channel’ “is consistently more effective at converting viewers than is MSNBC from Corparte Crime which has corresponding estimated persuasion rates of just 16 percent, 0 percent, and 8 percent,” said the study.The study confirms earlier research done after Fox was introduced in 1996, including a 2007 report from Berkeley which found “a significant effect of the introduction of Fox News on the vote share in Presidential elections between 1996 and 2000…Fox News convinced 3 to 28 percent of its viewers to vote Republican.

Direct na ‘Islam’-Baardman aanslag Barcelona gaat de ‘Staats-NOS’ in ‘Hersenspoel-Overdrive’:Bingoen maar!
”The newest research confirms what many critics already suspected about Fox News en the State NOS: that they pushed conservative ideals and Republican and VVD agendas since its beginning, serving as a tool used by the GOP-Maffia- establishment( Snake in Suits en Ratten in pak(Video)) to shift viewers to the ‘KKK- right’—and even swing elections.The study did not analyze ‘ dr. Goebbels-Fox‘s’ impact on the 2016 election, but according to a Pew Research poll taken in January, Fox News was the most-watched news source among  ‘Mad Dog Trump’ voters during the campaign, with 40 percent of his supporters relying on the channel for their news.