(van onze ‘Internationale Pedo& Elite-Boy’s’ redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Boy’s Macron&Rutte from Merkel op heterdaad betrapt door Volksnieuws.
A petition to stop French president Boy Emmanuel Macron’s ‘Pedo-wife Brigitte’ being afforded a formal position as the country’s First Lady has so far collected over 180,000 signatures of the targeted 200,000.The petition, started two weeks ago on Change.org by painter and author Thierry Paul Valette, is demanding that no public funds be set aside for the position of First Lady for Mrs-Pedo- Macron.

Der Untergang 4e Rijk ‘Führerin Merkel’ in beeld: Haar ‘Gay-Bankster Boy’s’ Macron en Rutte.
While on the campaign trail, ‘Boy-Macron’ announced his intention to create the position for his ‘Pedo-wife’ in order to clarify her status but promised no public funds would be used to pay her, because the ‘Crime- Bankers’ are sponsoring the pervert couple Macron .’The Shadow World-candidate’ romped home to victory with his newly formed En Marche dummy’s party in May, becoming the youngest and most corrupte Boy-president in French history.

Wie behalve de MSM zitter er nog meer achter ‘Toyboy-Macron’ en zijn ‘Pedo-Wife’.
 The Old Brigitte Macron currently has a team of two or three aides ( young Boys), as well as two secretaries and two security ‘Elite-Pedofile-Pimp-agents’.That’s enough,” the petition reads.Parliamentary opponents of Macron have previously protested against the plan during a time of government cutbacks. Parliament is also about to pass a new law designed to prevent MPs from hiring family members en Callgrils and (to Young) Gigolo’s as assistants.

‘Boy Marcon’ maakt Quatorze Juillet(Video) tot farce met ‘Draft Dodger-Trump’ als eregast.
‘Boy-Rutte'(Video) die zich gisteren nog even door zijn Staats-NOS na het behalen van het EU Kampioenschap over de rug van het Dames Nationaal Voetbal team als ‘Volks-Held’ liet neerzetten reageerde verbolgen op deze Petitie tegen zijn ‘Boy-gabber in crime’ Macron. Rutte: “Kijk dat is nou precies de reden dan ik geen echtgenoot heb, hihihihishihhih”