(door  American Herald Tribune)

 AMSTERDAM-NOIR-Kritiek op bezoek ‘Zonnekoning Aboutaleb’(Video)aan ‘Saoedi-Arabië & ISIS’.Iran’s Foreign Minister:’ Mad Dog Trump’s'(Video) Frinds the Saudis Involved in 94% of Terrorist Attacks in the World.
Wat u vandaag niet ziet bij Staats-NOS, want dan zijn zij hun subsidie van 960 miljoen euro per jaar kwijt: Saoudi Arabië is NOT an only Shadow World Ally of Elite Americans or Europeans. It is the biggest recruiter, armer & funder of Terrorism with its Wahhabi Death Cult.We don’t see the situation in our region as a winning or losing battle. It’s a situation where the initial U.S. invasion of Iraq has led everybody to lose. Because we believe that the situation in today’s world is so interconnected that we cannot have winners and losers; we either win together or lose together,” Zarif told The National Interest. Zarif also said that Shias, Sunnis and Kurds are all important segments of Iraqi society with whom Iran needs to have relations.“Iran has rushed to the aid of the Iraqis, not just the Shias, but everybody. For us, the Shias, the Sunnis, the Kurds—all of them are an important segment of Iraqi society with whom we need to have relations.” Citing an example of Iran’s help to Iraqis when Daesh invaded Iraq in 2014, the foreign minister said, “We went to the support of the Kurds: when they had been invaded by ISIS, we were the first to go to Erbil to secure it and to rescue it, basically, from a Daesh occupation.”He added there are certain countries in the Middle East who have been “consistently” supporting terrorism.You have countries in the region who have consistently supported extremists… Some countries consistently supported the wrong groups—these are the same countries from whose nationals, almost 94 percent of those engaged in acts of terror, came—so we are talking about a consistent record on their side and a consistent record on the Iranian side.” He added that Iran does not seek to exclude Saudi Arabia from the security calculus of the Middle East region.”We believe that Saudi Arabia is an important part of that security, as we believe that other countries in the region should be an important part of that security understanding.”