( door S.M. Gibson)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Duitsland zit op slot voor de ‘Maffia-G20’ van ‘Mad-Dog Trump’(Video).
In the midst of world leaders like Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin converging upon the G20 Summit in Hamburg this week, all hell is breaking loose. For the past two days, protesters have been clashing with police officers wearing riot gear in the German metropolis. Water cannons and pepper spray have been unleashed on protesters, and urban avenues and side streets have been set aflame in the vicious skirmishes. The skyline of Germany’s second-largest-city has been silhouetted in a charcoal haze of smoke, and the violence that has erupted in the faces of global dignitaries does not appear to be dissipating any time soon.

US-Elite’-‘Terror-Oorlog’ om de Olie,’Bloed-Poen’ en Gas heeft 2 miljoen onschuldige Vermoord.
Hamburg authorities said on Friday afternoon that of the 15,000 officers who have been deployed, 160 of them have sustained injury. Reinforcements have also been summoned in addition to the staggering number of police already on the ground. Of the thousands of protesters, 70 have been arrested thus far and 14 have been injured, according to officials. It is likely, however, that the number of injured demonstrators is much higher than official reports reflect.

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