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AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Mad Dog-Trump’ Is Giving A $4 Billion Tax Cut To His Monster Kids(Video)As He Takes Away Health Care From Millions. 
The mission of the Military Information Support Operations Command (MISOC) of “the Shadow World”(Video) is to influence enemy, neutral, and friendly nations and forces into holding favorable opinions and/or taking complementary actions regarding ongoing operations by the United States and its allies.“Senior ranking U.S. military leaders have so distorted the truth when communicating with the U.S. Congress and American people in regards to conditions on the ground in Afghanistan that the truth has become unrecognizable, ” Lt. Col. Daniel Davis told Democracy Now! in 2012.Before his death, Michael Hastings was one of the first to obtain Lt. Col. Davis’s 84-page report and published it in Rolling Stone magazine.

De Ratten in pak van “The Shadow World”(Video Hierna:) en de ‘NATO-Gangsters’.

In February 2012, Hastings was quoted in regard to the report:“I think it’s one of the most significant documents that we’ve seen from an active-duty Army officer in terms of how they view the war in Afghanistan, even the war in Iraq. You can look at this as a significant document about the last 10 years of conflict in America. And it’s not so much as what Colonel Davis is saying, though that’s very important, too. It’s the fact that you have a 17-year Army veteran, who’s done four tours—two in Afghanistan and two in Iraq—who has decided to risk his entire career—because he has two-and-a-half more years left before he gets a pension—because he feels that he has a moral obligation to do so.”



Oeps: Tracing EU-Bulgarian Arms Shipments to Syrian IS &Al Queda Baardman-Terroristen.

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