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AMSTERDAM-NOIR-Wat u niet leest of ziet in de Gevestigde Orde Pers en de Staats-NOS en de Commerciële ‘Corporate-Crime Media’ a La RTL -Fake- nieuws'(Video): “Het gevaar van Newspeak en oorlogsmisdaden&Huichelaar Rutte (Video)”. When will the war guilt of Nazi Germany come home to roost in America? President‘War Mongol Trump’ is now threatening to take America into a war against Syria, Iran and even Russia, a war he says is justified by “evidence” he has received from the Syrian White Helmets.  We will prove beyond any doubt that this is a “Deep State” organization, a melding of CIA, al Qaeda and Britain’s intelligence services.  We now have “slam dunk” proof that ‘Mad Dog Trump’ and the “fake news” MSM are and always have been in lockstep, playing us all.

‘Fake-Film’ about Syrian ‘White Helmets-killlers’ wins Oscar amid allegations of terrorist ties(Video)

Koenders van de weg ‘gebombardeerde’ PvdA waarschuwt Assad en Poetin(Video).
Actor ‘CIA agent George Clooney’ knew that the organization Swedish Doctors for Human Rights had cited the “White Helmets” as child killers when he  produced the Oscar winning propaganda video that may well have led to this latest outrage.  The organization, SWEDHR is very real, their work authoritative and their indictment of the White Helmets for killing children in order to stage propaganda videos would have been known to Clooney and Netflix.  They went ahead anyway.  Why?Moreover, Google itself is involved, at war with this group and others, censoring them from their search engines.  The information here will be new to Americans.  Please note that at no time has the White House or any western media acknowledged the controversy regarding the White Helmets, which we allege is part of al Qaeda’s propaganda operations.  Nor is any mention of the dozens of proven gas attacks by FSA, ISIS and al Nusra which are suddenly “forgotten” as though by magic.The White Helmets, supposedly an independent NGO, receives up to $100m from the CIA and UK Foreign Office, “dark project” funding.  Murdering children is their stock and trade as we will prove.  Sharing headquarters with Turkish Intelligence in Gaziantep, Turkey this organization is far more “death squad” than civil defense.  Please review the included videos.

‘Mad Dog Trump trekt’ ten Oorlog tegen Rusland(Video)and Launches 59 Missiles at Syrian Government.

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Opmerking:Stop deze waanzin van de Oorlog zuchtte Internationale (Video)Elite met hun Puppets Trump, Rutte, Koenders, Klaver en Buma  en stem straks in maart in Amsterdam  op de Stem van de straat.