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AMSTERDAN-NOIR-Duitse en NL ‘Fop–Socialisten’ Koenders& Gabriel vragen Trump om uitleg inreisverbod Moslims (Video).
Amid the chaos that swept airports across the United States over the weekend, families were kept apart and sick, elderly individuals with documentation were turned away. At the same time, terrorists around the world rejoiced as the United States confirmed what they have long asserted: the United States is at war with Islam.As Stuart Shapiro, professor and director of the Public Policy Program at the Bloustein School at Rutgers University, recently explained in The Hill: An organization that was on the run in Syria and Iraq has just been handed an amazing recruiting tool: A written proclamation from the U.S.  ‘Mad- Dog-president’ that everything they’ve been saying all these years about the United States being at war with Muslims is true.

Mad Dog Trump’: USA Über Alles–(Hitler) en reisverbod voor Moslims(Joden)(Video).
“This recruiting tool is likely to be effective in messages consumed by individuals like those who perpetrated the awful attacks in Fort Hood, Orlando and San Bernardino. So while we will be keeping out individuals who mean the United States no harm and indeed are in many cases the victims of those who do, we will have handed our enemies an important weapon.” Mad Dog Trump’: USA Über Alles–(Hitler) en reisverbod voor Moslims(Joden).

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