(door Steve Brown ) 

AMSTERDAM-NOIR-Steve Brown IAmsterdam Star Reporter, misdaadauteur en dé Volksmisdaad deskundige. Tegenwoordig dé Elite Gangster en Media Maffia deskundige.

Steve Brown and The Chinese Triades in Amsterdam. The Real Big Drugslords are a above The Law.
More than 30 years ago Steve Brown met the Chinese Triads, the 14K  and Ah-Kong  (“The Great Circle Men”), who in the ’80 and ’90 fill The Killing Fields of Amsterdam. Steve Brown as guest of the Ah-Kong visited The Pathet Lao in Laos and the Golden Triangle and met as one of the few not CIA- agent the Kwom Ming Tan (read “Steve Brown in Gangsta’s Paradise”)

De voor Laffe en corrupte ‘Misdaadjournalisten’ ‘onbekende’ Chinees Maffia(Video), de Bazen van Onderwereld.
The Chinese Mafia sends once a month or every two months a ton of heroin to both Los Angeles and Washington hundred sixty thousand dollars per kilo ” (p.243). I then also went into Laos at the ” Pathet Lao. A very mysterious elusive guerrilla group. At that time, namely came the famous Thai stick ( = weed) also from Thailand.”

When one of the main Godfathers Khun Sa from the Twilight Zone died I had him for years forgotten until I read his name in the paper:Khun Sa, ‘Prins des doods past away.He was also dubbed the “Opium King” due to his opium trading in the so-called Golden Triangle and was also the leader of the Shan United Army and the Mong Tai Army. Steve Brown:In that time I had the “honor’ to met him in personally.

Steve Brown had for years 2 illegal casino’s at the Kolk no5 and the Spuistraat in Amsterdam and operated these Casino’s with the Indonesian Ronny Thoeng and the Ah-Kong.Thoeng got 2 years prison for involvement for drug trafficking/ dealing. His Chinese contact from Hong Kong got a terrible beating and a mega fine because he sold without permission form Ah Kong. The leader ‘T.B Lou’ of the Ah Kong in Holland was one of Brown’s best friends (brother). (Read “Steve Brown Drugsbaron in spijkerbroek” (Steve Brown Drugs lord in jeans)”)

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