6 reacties op “Shocking: ‘VVD-Pedo Joris Demmink’ en Small Victims Large Numbers.

  1. Geweldige video met velen opsturen naar het locale ambtsmisdrijf plegende veel plegers Gilde: wethouders firma list en bedrog, burgemeester en hun medeplichtige handlangers. Gratis, hele maal voor niets, in plaats van alles, er bestaat hele maal niets dat je voor geen goud zou willen missen

  2. etnische profilering door scholen.
    is in Nederland aan de orde van de dag
    Geestelijk kapot maken om geldelijke gewin
    iedere weet het maar niemand die er wat tegen doe .

  3. By Angela Wills

    The education system in the state of Washington has made headline news more than a few times over the past few months. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been to sing the school system praises but the exact opposite. Legislature received a court order to pay the amount of $100,000 per day into special education funding due to failure to supply adequate funding for K-12. Next, there was an 8 day strike brought on by teachers in the largest school district of the state of Washington over teacher evaluations and cost-of living raises, along with other problems.

    Now, the headlines give a bit of bitter sweet news for the Washington school districts, due in part to the negotiations of the strike. There was a unanimous approval by the Seattle School Board for a one year ban to be imposed on out-of-school suspensions. This ban effects students in elementary schools that are accused of offenses of a non-violent natures such as, minor disobedience and disruptive behavior.

    The decision to implement this ban generates from research conducted that reflected socioeconomic and racial division among students who were suspended. The results indicated that nonwhite students were suspended far more often that white classmates. The racial divide is wide enough to prompt an internal investigation by the civil rights division of the United States Department of Education.

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