(By Steve Brown)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- ’13 Families&King Willem’ en 62 Ultra-Rijken Rule Our Planet Earth en buiten de Vluchtenlingenstroom(Video) en islamofobie uit.

“With The Happy Family less Amsterdam Jihadists fighters’ abroad.”
Everybody mixes and got along. Now these day’s the Muslim youth are separated, etc. in Amsterdam and some are going very disappointed in the Western segregated city’s abroad as Jihad- fighters. What do they have the lose? In that sense the Establishment and there VVD-party planted the seeds in the ‘80 and ‘90 for the fact that now these day Jihads fighters going abroad instead of being happy, getting schooling food, sport activity’s, free food, thee and coffee and respect in places like The Happy Family Amsterdam.
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Wordt wakker en lees ook de echte War en Drugs Lords staan boven elke Wet en de Dokwerker: Waar komt de Eeuwige Volkswoede tegen de Vluchtelingen vandaan?