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John Africa

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Leugenaars Trump en Clinton van het Groot Kapitaal winnaars in Florida.Solitary Watch:’Bill Clinton Hell’ Is a Very Small Place in the US for the pour man.
A JUST PERSON WILL IGNORE HIS PRIDE WHEN HE HEARS WHAT IS RIGHT, AN UNJUST PERSON WILL IGNORE WHAT IS RIGHT AND HOLD FAST TO HIS GODDAMNING PRIDE…”  – JOHN AFRICA JOHN AFRICA, MOVE’s Founder and COORDINATOR, is a wise, perceptive, strategic-minded black man with the solution to all the problems of people all over the world, and JOHN AFRICA’s power to solve problems, to make people healthy, honest, sensitive, clean, right is demonstrated with every MOVE person in this organization. JOHN AFRICA have taken the mess this system made of us while we were under the influence of the system and cleaned us up, took us away from drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, crime, disease, perversion, suicidal tendencies, manic depression and made us healthy, strong, balanced people. LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA! JOHN AFRICA’s influence, unlike the system’s influence, is making us truly satisfied, making us true wives, loyal husbands, loving parents, sensitive sisters and brothers.

That’s what JOHN AFRICA is doing for MOVE and what the system failed to do for us in all the years we were in the system before joining MOVE Mark rutte Aka Sterf maarbecause the system can’t do it, the system can’t influence righteousness in nobody because this system ain’t right, righteousness don’t exist in this rotten system, for if it did, righteousness would be reflected in those under the influence of the system. JOHN AFRICA teach that you can only influence your influence, so when your influence is right, everything you influence will be right, and when your influence is weak, wrong, everything you influence will be weak, wrong. Everything JOHN AFRICA influence is proven right, and unless somebody can dispute this, there can be no question about why MOVE people are so thankful and loyal to JOHN AFRICA. LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA THE COORDINATOR!

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