( van our International secret Elite Gangster section)

AMSTERDAM-NOIRThe Illuminati: Greece and the European Revolution. The ‘Bilderberg Elite-Gangster’ meeting was startedPedo Duke Thursday in Austria and they let themselves protected by more than 2000 policeman paid by de common people they robed. And that is bizarre, because the ‘Bilderberg crime group’ is good for more than a million years of Jail,  if the Rule of Law was applied in the Western countries. They have agreed not to talk about the fact, that they are responsible for six million kids dying  every year from hunger. That would only spoiled there apetite and pleasure. (U.N. chief: Hunger kills 17,000 kids daily)American Elite dreaming, from G1 to Bilderberg.

Joe Biden Ahmed AboutalebThe War game room “Kill an independent journalist” is runnend by John McCain and the Toilet Blow-Jobs by the (in)-famous Dutch “Uncle Tom”  Rotterdam-Mayor Aboutaleb.  Bilderberg Money Laundry by Clinton and Obama. Great Bilderberg secret opportunity for the Elite,  with ongoing entertainment by ‘Elite Pimp Straus’ and ‘Prince Andrew Pedo Duke of York ‘. But all the Bilderberg-gangster- members where unanimous that the best attration was the Dart Competition with the fase of Poetin as Bulls Eye.

Bilderberg Press Blackout. Obama considers allowing torture overseas, but not his Dutch Premier ‘Little Gaylord Mark Rutte’ en co.
The media is shout out by the Corparte Crime Media Maffia Boss’s as Rubert Murdock and his little Dutch ‘Media Maffia Boss John de Mol’. The Top drugs cartel Sinola Bosses from Obama where not on the official list, but took good care of supplying drugs and prostitutes. No not Koningin Shell Beatrixthe ex Dutch Queen Beatrix, she stopped prostituting herself for the (Shell) Elite and in this matter replaced by her Idiot son ‘King Willem’ ‘Queen Exotica Maxima-Zorreguieta’ with her corrupt personal ‘Uber Gaylord Mark Rutte’ from drop the poor  Argentine people alive from the planes.

Bilderberg Kingpin Henry Kissinger Admits ISIS Gets Its Weapons From U.S. Government.

Finally: Greetings from the Dutch underworld and Anthony Hopkins. An interview with ex-gangster Steve Brown.