( by Killing Fields of Amsterdam redactie)

Schermafbeelding 2015-04-12 om 12.53.36Amsterdam-Noir-videoMilo Books is probably the biggest crime publisher in England. Peter Walsh from Milo Books was for his new book the Amsterdam (drugs) Connection with England in the ‘70 and ‘80. Steve Brown shows Peter around downtown in Amsterdam near by the Red Light district where the IRA, the London, Manchester and Liverpool drugs mob had their hangouts in bars.

In the ‘70 and ’80 the bars where well known unofficial offices of those groups and Steve Brown. Even the Dutch drug police knew exactly who was hanging out there but in those days the special Drug police in Amsterdam with  Head of police Amsterdam  Gerard Toorenaar and chief inspector Heromes for example where so corrupt and involved in the drugs trades that everybody could do what they want. The  ’70 and ’80  where the day’s of the Golden Hasj trade. Ex Drugslord Brown told Peter about a well known SAS –IRA incident in the ’80 that the SAS came illegal to Amsterdam to beat up a bunch of IRA guys who came out of there hangout after partying al night. The SAS was upset of the Dutch Government, who didn’t dare to arrested IRA smugglers.

Steve Brown took the opportunity to discuss with Peter the publishing of his best selling book “The Killing Fields Amsterdam” for the English and USA market

“Greetings from the Dutch underworld and Anthony Hopkins. An interview with ex-gangster Steve Brown”.