(by Steve Brown)

Darius Semaška Steve BrownAMSTERDAM-NOIR-The apparently drunk ambassador Darius Semaška in the Netherlands reacted on an article which we published based on a previous article of  Oliver Stone: ‘CIA zit achter Maidan-revolutie Oekraïne’. The drunken “EU Snake in suit Darius Semaška” ( Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work)  apparently think it is written by Steve Brown and challenge Steve Brown to repeat the content of the article in the face of some Ukrainians mob friends of him.
Steve Brown:”You can invite me anytime you want and  I will repeat my words because no maffioso make me swallow my words”.

“I’ve been shot for less !!!   I hope to get soon an invitation from you or are you now chickenening out ‘EU Snake in suit’ Rat in pak  ?

Finally Greetings from the Dutch Underworld and Anthony Hopkins.”