The Happy FamilyAmsterdam-Noir-(video from the ’80 with English subtitle)-The Happy Family was a left over from the Hippie era time: Power to the people, make love (and lots of black money) and no war. The Happy Family organized for the first time in Amsterdam for example an Anti-racism music festival in the RAI (they didn’t pay the bill to the RAI) with the band “Steel Pulse”. The element of no war was not taken to serious by the street soldiers of The Happy Family. The Happy Family was truly maybe the only independent group on the black Hashish market in Amsterdam. The regular underworld by the murdered Top Bosses Sam Klepper and Johnny Mieremet and Klaas Bruinsma for example tried to extort The Happy Family, but didn’t succeed.

The fact that The Happy Family was multi cultural for and by the street youth didn’t sit well by the establishment with there Ultra right (racist) Liberal party (VVD).So they started a smear campaign in de right wing media with the Dutch state broadcaster TROS. The TROS have as chairmen the Top VVD Ed Nijpels GGDWpolitics and Elite -Pedophile Ed Nijpels who is well know in the Netherlands as the champion of the corrupt ‘State advice-phony jobs’ for the elite. At this time he holds more than 18 highly paid fake states jobs and is even a member of the Dutch–Crown’ (SER) advice group.

In the light of above this old television broadcasting was fabricated by the TROS to damage The Happy Family. Ironically if you watch there broadcast now in retrospective it is actually very positive for The Happy Family. It shows that there is no segregation necessary between any religion and race and color. Everybody mixes and got along. Now these day’s the Muslim youth are separated, etc. in Amsterdam and some are going very disappointed in the Western segregated city’s abroad as Jihad- fighters. What do they have the lose? In that sense the Establishment and there VVD-party planted the seeds in the ‘80 and ‘90 for the fact that now these day Jihads fighters going abroad instead of being happy, getting schooling food, sport activity’s, free food, thee and coffee and respect in places like The Happy Family Amsterdam.

The Happy Family flourished in the ’80 and disappeared in the ’90 mainly under influence of right wing politics. Ironic if The Happy Family as a truly 100% multi culture movement for disadvantaged youth would still existed, there would be now substantial less young Dutch Amsterdam going as jihadists  fighters abroad.

Greetings from the Dutch underworld and Anthony Hopkins. An interview with ex-gangster Steve Brown.