(door Bud Silverhaze)

happyfamilyzuidThe Happy Family were based youth centers subsidized by the state and founded by a certain Steve Brown.At one point the Happy Happy Family received 2,2 miljone subsidizing a year.Steven Kees Aaron Brown was born October 26, 1954 in California, USA . By one Dutch  mother and one American  father USA soldier , a few years after his birth, his family moved to Amsterdam, where he grew up in the Pijp.  At that time the Pijp was more or les a Dutch Getto in Amsterdam. At age 25, he was the head of a criminal organization: The ” Happy Family ” Foundation was created youth centers in Amsterdam, but who in fact served as a cover for drug trafficking and money laundering money. A few years later , Steve Brown will recognize moreover, have been highly active during this period, in the illegal business of hashish. If the end of the Happy Family is rather tragic , their design and story is truly amazing. It was in some ways ” the restaurants of the heart” coffeeshops.

On numerous occasions during the year and especially at Christmas, the Happy Family, meals, preserves and hot drinks were distributed to the poorest. The Happy also stays organized holidays for young people who did not have the chance to travel. While institutions Happy Family did not pay mine and their clients was often formed smokers destitute or street people, but precisely these centers were born to them, so they too have a family: the Happy Family! Besides all that, the sale of soft drugs was tolerated there but it did not bother anyone so far and Happy Family were finally pretty well seen by the public thanks to charitable exercised . 1 Happy Family was born in 1979 Rustenburgerstraat at # 207 exactly. The center was receiving a subsidy of 180,000 florins yearly . Quickly another establishment opened its doors on Overtoom , followed by a third and a fourth on Nes on Dapperstraat . The success was such that the youth center located on Nes becomes a coffeeshop and Happy Family even creates its own nightclub : Happy at the Night! Everything was going well and dolphins swimming in the Happy Family happiness, yes, but here’s the success and benefits … this is ultimately what would capsize the good ship run by Steve Brown.

In 1984, the scandal : The IRS put his nose in the 1983 Annual Report of the foundation; there huge denounced irregularities and suspected that some money was whitened. In addition, a thorough study by Van Dien expertise and Co. accounting firm and a municipal audit confirmed the suspicions of the Happy Family, and accused the foundation of being in reality a facade for drug trafficking on a large scale. Because qu’Happy Family is a foundation, it should therefore make no profit, the IRS also opened an investigation and concluded that trade in soft drugs exercised by institutions Happy Family had generated a turnover of 12 million guilders, 4 million of net profits. The foundation then being subsidized by the state , the case caused a scandal at the public opinion . On appeals trial, the Happy Family was trying to defend himself. For lack of evidence, certain lawsuits were unsuccessful but aids were removed and large sums of money were seized accounts of the foundation. Steve Brown fared well and therefore institutions remained open at the end of the trial. But the image of Happy Family had become so bad, they gradually disappeared in the late 80s.Steve Brown put an end to the adventure in 1990.

There after, he worked occasionally with the Yugoslav mafia Amsterdam and the organization of Klaas Bruinsma, notably trafficking of hashish and ecstasy. Also in the 90s, he was the key witness in the case against Martin Hoogland. Martin Hoogland was planning to liquidate drug dealer Tony Hijzelendoorn, after Hijzelendoorn had rebuked him on March 18, 1992, for being under the influence of cocaine. On March 20, 1992, Martin Hoogland asked Steve Brown to set up a meeting with Hijzelendoorn, which could only mean one thing: he wanted him dead. That afternoon Steve Brown and his buddy Ronnie Ondunk visited Hijzelendoorn in his villa to warn him, but Hijzelendoorn didn’t take it serious, so they left. That evening Martin Hoogland went to the villa and shot Tony Hijzelendoorn 16 times. In April, 1992, Steve Brown and Martin Hoogland were arrested for the assassination of Tony Hijzelendoorn. Ronnie Ondunk turned himself in, but was released as soon as the police knew that he had nothing to do with the liquidation. Brown was also released, on May 17, 1992, and received 80,000 guilders as compensation.

Since a lot of work has been devoted to the life of Steve Brown, himself published a few. Today businessman removed from the criminal mafia.

On March 18, 2004, Martin Hoogland, then 47, was liquidated. While doing the remaining ten years of his sentence in an open prison in Hoorn, he was riding his bicycle in town, to do some shopping, when a man, allegedly Boneka Belserang, shot him off his bike. The half-Indonesian Boneka Belserang was only 30, but he was well known in the Amsterdam gangland.
Bron: Budhaze