( van onze Internationale corrupte Pedo-justitie redactie)

Amsterdam-Noir-‘ Justitie Pedo-Boss’ Joris Demmnik’ is inmiddels in binnen en buitenland uitgegroeid tot een heuse  justitie Schandknapen beroemdheid. Het wachten is nu op het feit dat Joris Demmink  als echte BN-er zijn  eigen column krijgt in de pulp-media.

Zo iets in de trant van  De wekelijkse avonturen van onze Justitie Pedo Stoute Joris in kinderdag verblijf centrums. U kunt trouwens van de Kleuter-avonturen van Demmink en aanverwante “Tuig in Zwarte Toga” geen anonieme meldingen doen bij  ‘Volks-Misdaad Anoniem’.

‘Volks-Misdaad Anoniem’ accepteer alleen anonieme meldingen over en van het klootjes Volk. Justitie heeft wel inmiddels het kleine Micha Katje, die wat al te veel had gemiaauwt over Pedo-Justitie Boss Demmink de Justitie- gehaktmolen in getrokken  en dus  horen wij nooit meer iets van dat ‘Katje’. Die ‘Kat’ eindigt door Justitie in het Gekkenhuis.

Executive Summary
Joris Demmink, the current Secretary General of the Dutch Ministry of Justice has consistently been linked to the sexual assault of young boys, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

In the fall of 1998, an investigation conducted into an Amsterdam brothel linked senior politicians and justice officials to the sexual abuse of young boys. Demmink was specifically identified by one of the young boys as an individual involved in the abuses. According to a former senior official at the Ministry of Justice, this investigation was foiled through the direct intervention of and obstruction by Demmink.

In the mid 1990’s, Demmink sexually assaulted numerous boys between the ages of twelve and sixteen in Turkey. The victims of his attacks have come forward and demanded prosecution. Mustafa was twelve at the time he was recruited by police officer Korkmaz N. Menzir and brought to Demmink’s chambers, where he was repeatedly sexually assaulted. Osman was fourteen at the time he was brought to Demmink and sexually assaulted. Mustafa and Osman have both retained counsel and filed reports against Demmink. Officer Korkmaz, the individual responsible for bringing the boys to Demmink has verified Mustafa’s and Osman’s accounts. Mustafa, Osman, and Officer Korkmaz are willing to offer sworn testimony to all of the egregious acts they endured and witnessed. A third child victim of Demmink’s sexual assaults, Yacine, is now willing to testify in detail about Demmink’s sexual assaults.

That Demmink is the Secretary General of the Dutch Justice Department is not the only outrage of this affair. As a consequence of Demmink’s travels to Turkey to pursue his sexual perversion, a video tape of his exploits was made and is in possession of the Turkish government. That government has, for years, used this damning tape to exercise undue influence over the government of Holland, creating an international geostrategic issue, as both nations part of the NATO alliance. An investigative report issued in 2007 confirms that high ranking Turkish officials employed video and documentary evidence of Demmink’s sexual assaults to pressure Demmink and the Dutch Minister of Justice into fabricating evidence for trial against a Turkish exile residing in the Netherlands. This man, Huseyin Baybasin, is one of the most important leaders of the Kurdistan Freedom Party, a key opponent of the regime in Iran, and a long-time target of the Turkish government. At the behest of the Turkish government, thanks to their control over top Justice Department official Demmink, Baybasin was given a life sentence without possibility of parole – a sentence not even given to mass murderers in the Netherlands.

Demmink’s foreign sexual adventures have been covered up, but his own submission of E13,000 in food and beverage expenditures from 2007-2009 provide evidence of these nefarious trips. Notwithstanding his desire to be reimbursed for this prolifigate spending abroad, the official declarations and filings of his expenses do not include the reason for the expenses nor the names of his companions. Particularly disturbing is the likelihood that these companions were almost certainly young boys who were sexually abused.

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