‘Dutch-Justitie-Top-Pedo’ Joris Demmink Star in de USA.

( van onze corrupte justitie redactie)

Amsterdam-Noir-‘Onze’ hoogste baas van het ‘SBS-OM Pedo-Demnink’ is op weg een heuse Pedo-Beroemdheid te worden in de USA.
De Tweede Kamer Kroeg en het “Café Kabinet Bruin 1“ weten al decennia lang van Pedo-niets, maar in Amerika weten ze wel Pedo-beter.
Pedo-Demmink kan beter niet zijn pensioen gaan doorbrengen in de USA, want dan kon hij weleens eindigen in Rijkers-New York.

Lock-Up the poor : The Prisoners of Rikers Island

Ingezonden door:Robert Hörchner

Na het onlangs verschenen artikel van Peter Hannaford

“Dutch Child Sex Ring — Where’s the Justice?”
“Van de Plas says, “It’s an outrage that Demmink has not been held to account for his crimes against children. Demmink’s perversion of Dutch justice to protect himself is an offense to any standard of basic decency. I hope our friends in other countries become aware of what’s happening and raise their voices in protest.”
Bron: Spectator

Nu het tweede artikel uit de U.S.

“The struggle against child sex trafficking.”
“The prestigious Amsterdam daily De Volkskrant quoted the judges in the civil case as saying, “The Dutch legal system should not give any room to this position [i.e., that pedophilia is a legally protected form of self-expression.]”

This enlightened result was by no means a foregone conclusion. That is because the secretary-general of the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice — its highest-ranking civil servant — is a certain Joris Demmink. And Demmink stands accused of child rape.

Two Turkish citizens have brought suit against Demmink for allegedly having sexually assaulted them in the 1990s in Turkey when they were 14 and 12 years old, and, the suit claims, “numerous” other Turkish boys. A third alleged victim has since come forward.”
Bron: UPI

Gelukkig is er volgens oud-minister van justitie Piet Hein Donner nog geen spoor van rook, laat staan van vuur.

According to former Minister of Justice Piet Hein Donner there is no trace of smoke, let alone fire.

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